What’s ThemeForest?

In ThemeForest you are able to purchase and sell HTML templates in addition to themes for popular CMS products such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Things are priced to the sophistication, quality and usage of this document; the complete cost also comes with a Buyer Fee. ThemeForest is a part of this seven-property Envato Market household (merged in 2014), which also contains the currently extremely popular WordPress plugin market,

How can ThemeForest work?

ThemeForest makes your job easier with filters immediately. From the search bar, you can look up a word related to the form of your business, so the search engine shows you themes made especially for this. You may sort them by best fit, best sellers, hottest, best rated, trending and by price.

The’best sellers’ option is excellent for people who want a theme that’s certified good and continues to be bought multiple occasions. If individuals bought a theme a hundred occasions, it must be really good (think of all of the individuals who recommended it to their friends or individuals who have seen their contest use a similar person ).

On the left, there are categories, tags you can use, cost choice, rating, software versions, and programs themes are compatible with.

All themes have previews and descriptions about what they contain, such as what kinds of businesses they are made for, how many pages they havethe plugins they feature, in short, their most noteworthy features. Pretty good, is not it?

Past ThemeForest: The Alternatives

Obviously, there are many, a number of different areas to purchase WordPress themes on the internet, and it nearly always pays to think about your options before committing.

Additionally, there are also plenty of well-respected WordPress theme stores around — some of the best known being Elegant Themes, StudioPress, Themify and ThemeIsle. In case you’re interested, we’ve actually put together a massive list of pretty much each the different quality options which exist here.

And, if you are working to a budget, then the official WordPress theme repository is the spot to acquire high quality, dependable complimentary topics!

The Downsides of all ThemeForest

  • Regardless of the volume of customers buying from ThemeForest, it isn’t universally popular, and there are a number of downsides to buying from this marketplace.
  • The very first (and biggest) downside is quality: ThemeForest has given any WordPress developer a platform to market topics, and not all are created equally.
  • Though ThemeForest has set guidelines in place for a motif’s code, security and much more, ThemeForest still has a small reputation for bloated, badly coded themes. You can minimize the chance of running into this type of theme by following the tips from above, like checking out the ratings and last-updated date.
  • When you choose a multipurpose theme, you have an almost infinite degree of versatility — in terms of layouts, customization options and features. To utilize all of these choices, but the theme usually depends heavily on tailor-made shortcodes or tabbed page builders.
  • The problems come when you would like to modify your theme further down the line, because the new theme you pick won’t recognize the shortcodes or webpage builder material. Instead, they will be shown on the page as useless code (rather than as anything the shortcode was developed to show), and all those lovely designs you’ve spent hours crafting will probably be reduced to rubble in a matter of clicks. Yikes!
  • One past, and regrettably common, thing to note regarding many ThemeForest themes is that some new developers will upload a theme, create a lot of sales and then move on — i.e. they won’t continue growing and upgrading them (especially if said themes do not prove all that popular/lucrative).

Experts of Selling on ThemeForest

  1. Stability
  2. A Great Deal of Traffic
  3. Select Your Pricing
  4. Higher Revenue With Exclusivity
  5. Earn Extra Income on Support
  6. Great Community

Cons of Selling on ThemeForest

  1. Just Part of a Machine
  2. 4. Mess With Pricing
  3. 5. It’s Difficult To Succeed
  4. Requires Extra Marketing

Final Ideas

You may hear some rumblings about quality issues, but if you stick with the highly rated, most well-established themes you can not go far wrong — those themes sell nicely because of this, and it’s usually because they’re on the quality end of the spectrum. Of course, ThemeForest’s most important selling point is choice. And, with over 12,000 WordPress themes available, there really is something for everybody!

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