Constant Contact is email marketing software that enables companies to communicate with and market to their customers. Emails are totally customizable, with professional looking templates available. Emails could be automated and customized, allowing for event-triggered notifications to be sent. Series’ of mails can be automatically sent to some customized program, simply set the schedule and Constant Contact will ensure your audience stays informed and engaged. When new contacts are added to the listing, they receive the scheduled emails also.

Constant Contact allows businesses to quickly upload their email list in Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and much more. The program then handles unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails; they update automatically. Emails can be posted to social networks complete with captions and graphics all at once. Email monitoring tools show who’s launching, clicking, and sharing the mails and social posts in real time, allowing companies to plan the upcoming steps in their campaigns.

Advantages of Constant Contact

Here Are some of the advantages of using Constant Contact:

  • Personalized and targeted contents: Constant Contact permits you to segment your clients into different lists according to their likings to discuss highly-customized emails. From designing the most appropriate subject lines up to photos that reflect your customers, and compelling content which assists your viewers, email is the best platform to send these messages that are personalized.
  • Establish credibility: Emails That came out of an unknown sender had strange subject lines may be spam. You have to customize your content based on your customer’s preferences. Being able to ascertain what they want and need can help you make an email they will certainly read rather than consider as spam. Making a permission-based email list that comes with a checkbox for users to link to a email list guarantees that your potential clients are aware of what they’re registering for and how they are going to get mails from you.

Improved brand recognition: With Constant Contact, you are able to match the branding from your site directly to the layouts of your own email. However, brand recognition is more than just an outline. If you regularly feed valuable and essential content to your intended audience, they will start to familiarize themselves together and also wait for your mails.

  • Improve sales: When You market your company via email marketing, it is going to help your clients make an educated purchase conveniently from their computer or phone. The email advertising solutions provided can help distribute products and services to prospects, improve earnings, upsell to present customers, and get in touch with previous customers that have not made any buy for a while now.
  • Generate more traffic to Your website: Emails Are among the very best ways to encourage your customers to see your site. You may set links to your website on the email content which you are writing. You can even utilize email advertising campaigns to inspire customers to take action and see other parts of articles on your site or site.
  • Create and keep the Excitement: Each Customer enjoys to be part of a select collection, most notably when there are exclusive bonuses and rewards. Take note your customers have different tastes, and one-size-fits-all logic will not work here. Aside from this, you can also reward them to be faithful by providing presents, coupons, discount codes, or maybe an exclusive sneak peek to your upcoming product launch — it’s all up to you. If you’re simply a beginning business with limited resources, you can not go around offering gifts to your customers. Just a little something is enough to make them feel unique.
  • A stronger connection With the client: Constant Contact can help you create long-lasting and stronger relationships with your clients by giving them the information which they want to receive straight to their inbox regularly. When you make their lives better in certain aspects, they will learn to trust and love you. Subsequently, they will start to rely on your company for the information which they needand thank you for delivering them.
  • Reporting to know which is Useful and not: Continuous Contact tracks the click-through rate to determine how many customers made an attempt to start your email and click on the links it contained.

Customer service and support

Continuous Contact has the best customer support and services, and this is as a consequence of the strong customer resources it offers. This include;

  • Provision of educational events in-person and online. This also includes seminars and webinars.
  • A knowledgebase that has tutorials, guides, and how-to-articles
  • A professional support team that provides superior design, marketing advice, campaign design, autoresponders, branded footers, seasonal templates, and holiday templates.
  • A video tutorial database that provides beginner and advanced tips for consumers.

One Attribute that makes Constant Contact stand outside is that the provision of customer service through live chat, telephone, and also through social networking accounts. This feature is lacking in so many email marketing platforms.


Constant Contact supplies customers with a 60-day free trial, which is double the amount which is offered by most competitors. The pricing system used by Constant Contact is grouped in to two programs as follows:

1. Email plan pricing: A monthly charge of $20 is charged for 500 contacts or less, $45 for 501 to 2,500 contacts, $65 for 5,001 to 10,000 contacts, etc. The price increases as the number of contacts also increase. It is recommended that you contact the sales team for more information.

2. Mail Plus Plan Pricing: This plan comes with more features, and a monthly fee of $45 is charged for every 500 contacts less.


These are just a few of the core features you can expect from the Constant Contact email marketing applications as soon as you subscribe to the ceremony.

If You have never attempted an email marketing service before, you should consider the 60-day free trial. This way, you will have enough time to check out the product And see how it fits into your existing business model.