About InMotion Hosting

Being in business for over fifteen years really sets InMotion Hosting close The top because it’s an immense amount of knowledge and understands what the customers are searching for.

InMotion shared hosting service was first launched in the year 2001 and Ever since that time, it has managed to stay around and become among the most popular shared hosting sites across the world.

Thus, InMotion Hosting can also be described as a independent, and one of The largest hosting firms operating as of now.

It’s numerous exciting Elements that are accompanied by its shared hosting. plans.

It is a host which you can trust.

The information centers which InMotion Hosting has at the United States of America Utilizing Smart Routing technologies, superior bandwidth, and DDoS protection to supply the customers with a steady uptime.

InMotion Hosting Review: Pros and Cons


  • SSL Drives on All Accounts
  • Free Domain Name when you Signup
  • Entirely Free Website Transfers
  • Free Data Backups
  • SSH Access to all Accounts


  • prices are higher compared to other hosts such as SiteGround (read the Entire contrast with SiteGround) and Bluehost
  • Can host just 2 websites on basic program but it’s Far Better than some other hosts

InMotion Hosting Unique Features

A big concern when choosing the Ideal host for you lie about the features Included in packages. While many hosting providers have their own perks, in the highly competitive hosting market, InMotion Hosting stands out thanks to the following extras:

Free domain registration

This can be a $15 savings right off the bat, and It Isn’t Offered by many competitions.

Free Data backup systems

You have the choice of backing up all your website data with just one click Or via automated scheduling.

Drag-and-drop site builder

The InMotion proprietary website builder lets You to design trendy websites easily. The user interface follows a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get philosophy, and you have numerous add-ons like eShop, image galleries, themes, message boards, advanced templates with JavaScript components, and more.

Secure InMotion Hosting login module

authentication (2FA) functionality. If you opt for a VPS or dedicated server program, you can set up root access and consent. If you choose cPanel (Read : cPanel Guide) to handle your sites, then the InMotion Hosting login module may be accessed from AMP or by particular URLs.

Free SSL certificates

The savings provided by this alternative vary between $7 and $100 each year.

Further security is provided by Patchman, a free software Agent that scans sites for problems and provides automatic fixes in addition to upgrades every time they are needed.

Enhanced WordPress hosting

InMotion is a leading hosting provider for WordPress software. The starter $6.99 WP program is hosted on a optimized pile , meaning that it runs on servers configured specifically to operate WP. If it comes to designing a WP site, you are able to do it on your own by using BoldGrida particular InMotion builder that supplies a staging environment where you can conduct various tests prior to going live. A more comprehensive WP design solution involves professional layout by InMotion experts; this costs $99 and requires only a few days.

Your Choices for supercharging your own WP endeavors can be improved with the WP-2000S plan, which in only $7.99 a month gives will cover two websites and sufficient bandwidth to manage 50,000 monthly traffic. The WP-3000S plan allows management of three WP websites to welcome 125,000 monthly visitors, and it just costs $10.99 per month.

Google Apps integration

Dedicated hosting plans allow you to use Gmail and Google Docs

MySQL, Ruby, and PHP support

If you intend to code your own websites, you will find that InMotion Hosting Supports various programming programs and upgrades.


InMotion Hosting plans start at $5.99 per month. There are three different plans from which you can choose:

  • Launch – The maximum Standard plan costs $6.99 a month for a year and $5.99 a month for two decades.
  • Power – The middle Tier and best value plan costs $8.99 a month for a year and $7.99 a month for a couple of years. It includes a 2x performance update from the Launch plan.
  • Pro – The most expensive plan, which is directed at programmers and growing companies, prices $17.99 per month when billed monthly, $14.99 a month for six weeks, and $13.99 per month for a single year.

InMotion Hosting Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, the very first thing to note about InMotion Hosting is that their testimonials page features dozens of favorable comments from clients who have agreed to be contacted in their opinions. The preferred way of handling billing and technical issues is through online chat, and first contact messages tend to be responded in moments .

InMotion Hosting support is considered to be among the best in the Industry, and the business goes as far as offering a 90-day money-back guarantee on their VPS, business, and reseller hosting plans.

Telephone service is also provided, but it’s restricted for the Starter shared hosting programs; once you enter Company Class programs, you can expect a greater level of customer service from telephone support channels.


After detecting different InMotion Hosting reviews and doing lots of Tests and research, We found InMotion to be one of the top web hosting providers at that time.

InMotion Hosting would Get a 4.5/5 score on its Overall performance.

It’s a dependable hosting service that Offers value for money hosting for Experienced users and beginners alike.

You will receive support, remarkable uptime, Fast loading, and exceptional Performance, a price that is somewhat affordable by most and a lot more.

In conclusion, there may be a few aspects you believe InMotion Hosting does not Have if you begin comparing it to other web hosting solutions, but if you look at it, InMotion Hosting itself includes a huge array of characteristics that are unmatched.

Overall, this web hosting service warrants a thumbs-up, and you should Think about taking a look at it if you’re in need of web hosting providers.