What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme changes the design of your website, frequently Including its layout. Changing your theme changes how your site looks on the Front-end, i.e. what a visitor sees when they browse to your website on the net. There are thousands of free WordPress themes in the WordPress.org Theme Directory, though many WordPress sites use custom topics.

A WordPress theme provides all the front end styling of your WordPress site.

Most WordPress themes provide:

  • The Overall Design Or Style Of Your Website
  • Font Styling       
  • Colors
  • Widget Locations
  • Page Designs (Or Templates)
  • Styles For Blog Articles And Blog Archives
  • Additional Stylistic Details

What can themes do?

Themes take the content and data stored by WordPress and display It in the browser. When you create a WordPress theme, you decide how that content appears and is exhibited. There are many options available to you when building your theme. For instance:

Your motif can have different designs, such as static or responsive, with one column or two.

Your theme can display content anywhere you want it to be exhibited. 

Your motif can specify which devices or activities make your content visible.

Your theme can customize its typography and layout elements using CSS.

Other layout elements like videos and images can be included anywhere in theme.

WordPress themes are incredibly powerful. But, as with each Web design project, a motif is more than color and design. Very good themes improve Engagement with your site’s content in Addition to being delightful.

Features to Look for in a WordPress Theme

Among the crucial elements in deciding the theme of your site is the content that your site has. For example, if you run a photography website then the focus is much more on the images but if your niche, like mine is poetry or fiscal news then photos are secondary as articles principles this type of a web site. The goal is to make your website stand out visually and aesthetically. A theme determines the appearance and feel of your WordPress site. Hence selecting the subject best for suited for you is extremely important.

Listed below are 6 Features you Want to Check at when picking a WordPress theme,

1.Responsive site Design

Design is one of the most important features to consider when picking a theme for your site. An increasing number of people view the website from their mobile phones and tablet computers. It’svery important for your website to be responsive, since it has a direct influence on the consumers visiting your website.One of the crucial reasons to choose a responsive motif on a non-responsive is the site admin need not keep multiple sites, content set and even UI (User Interface) consistency throughout all modes of viewing. Many programs use Bootstrap to develop their themes as well as site design.

2.Social Media Friendly

In this regard, it’s best to opt for a theme which gives emphasis on the societal media platforms equally support as well as the sharing choice.

Some of the popular social networking programs which needs to be included are      Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Having social websites share icons on your site increases the reach of your website, as sharing articles becomes easier. If the theme, you select doesn’t have social media included, you could always set up the compulsory plugins.

3.Page Style

Page style in simple words is the structure or the design of your site. A non-cluttered, simple yet informative website is the thing that brings the customer without letting them depart.

Before delving farther, let us take a look at what a Page and Post is. Pages and articles are the two main varieties of post that save your site’s data. The difference between the two lies in how they’re displayed in your web page. Pages are usually placed in a hierarchical manner whereas posts are displayed in reverse chronological order (wrt date of publication). Your website’s content/ index section is an instance of a post.

4. SEO

Search Engine Optimization popularly known as SEO is quite important when trying to publicize your site and put it on the internet search engines. Website motif plays a very important part in regards to SEO ranking and optimization. A number of the fundamental things your theme should include are conversion speed optimization, site readability by any search engine, the speed of the site, compatibility with outside SEO plugins.Here are 20 SEO friendly themes to your WordPress website to boost your site’s optimization.

5. Customization Options

WordPress themes irrespective of paid or free (premium) offer motif customization. Choosing a pre-designed theme is a simple task. The main goal of theme customization would be to make sure your website looks unique in addition to elegant and different from every other website that has employed the exact same theme template.

How Are WordPress Themes Important?

1. Makes Your Website Appealing

2. Multiple Website Usability

3. Functionality That Can Be Extended

4. Give You Faster Results

5. Maintain Website Up-to-the-mark

6. Quality of A Premium Level

7. Characteristics That Are Beneficial

8. Support Through the Way

9. Easy Browser Service

Let’s Discuss about the Thrive Themes

What is Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes is the most advanced, yet, simple to use WordPress suits of website tools.We create truly conversion- optimized plugins and themes to give a real boost to your business.

Thrive Themes Features

1. New User Interface Colors

2. Header Transitions

3. File Upload Element

4. WooCommerce Mini Cart Element

5. Table Of Contents Gets Even Better

6. New Scroll Behavior: Stick to Bottom

7. Multiple Article Types in Post List

8. New Material Community Icons

9. Naming Fields in Fight Gen Types

10. International Colour Unlinking Buttons

Is Thrive Themes Worth It?

I’ve used Thrive Themes myself for a number of years have found a means to build a portfolio of websites that produces more than 25,000/month. That’s not me gloating either, that is me showing you through my own success that this stage is exactly what bloggers and website owners need to succeed.

If this is not the best evidence that Thrive is a great platform and is completely worth the cost, I don’t know what’s.

However, is Thrive Themes therefore instrumental for my own success?


Even though they make great WordPress themes and plugins, I believe the most significant thing is that their goods are conversion-focused.

This usually means that all the products they offer were built not simply to work, but to provide bloggers and business owners electronic marketing tools that they will need to drive traffic and finally, earnings for their blog or website.

This is why I am such a big fan of the Thrive Themes suite of products. Without them, I’m confident in saying that my internet business wouldn’t be nearly as effective as it is now.

Pricing of Thrive Themes



Thrive Themes pricing includes a couple of distinct options. You may either buy every one of the tools separately to get a one-time fee or you could buy access to all of the tools for $30/month paid per month, or you may elect for $19/month, paid yearly.

If you were to purchase each one of these tools separately, you would have to pay $540.

That is why the Thrive Themes membership is such a fantastic deal as you can unlock everything for only $228 per year.

Thrive Themes Product Reviews

Let’ take a tour of the Thrive Themes suite of tools.

Thrive Theme Builder

The Following generation visual Theme Builder for WordPress. Assemble, edit and customize every aspect of your WordPress website in WYSIWYG fashion.

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Leads

Produce and publicly design every kind of opt-in form, conduct A/B tests and grow your list faster than ever before.

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Quiz Builder

Create completely customized quizzes that permit you to acquire valuable visitor insights, build a segmented email list, drive site engagement and get a great deal of societal shares with Thrive Quiz Builder.

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Apprentice

Construct Professional Online Classes

Create pro-looking classes straight from your WordPress dashboard. You can boost your readers by quickly creating free online courses as lead magnets, or when used together with your membership plugin, create paid courses that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your website.

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Comments

Make commenting f​un and engaging

With Thrive Remarks you will gain the capability to spur faster feedback and boost participation through numerous innovative features like upvoting and downvoting, gamified comment incentives and millions of after-comment-actions.

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Optimize

A / B testing for landing pages

With Thrive Optimize, the superior add-in for Thrive Architect, we’ve taken all of the pain, complication and intense price from A/B testing. Here is actually the A/B testing tool you will actually use to acquire higher conversions on your key pages.

($19/month but Includes All Tools)

Thrive Ultimatum

Create Evergreen Countdown Campaigns

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. Raise your conversions with the addition of countdown timers, run complicated evergreen scarcity campaigns and a lot more.

($97 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Ovation

Gather & screen testimonials for social evidence

With Thrive Ovation, you will be able to capture and display testimonials on auto-pilot. It’s the easiest way to start taking advantage of one of the most underrated conversion boosters.

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer allows you to test different website post headlines, product names and revenue page hooks with just one click. The automatic winner configurations will place your winning headline in place automatically.

($67 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Clever Widgets

Display targeted sidebar articles based on various blog post categories. This ensures your website shows the right content to the right people, optimizing visitor interaction and involvement with your website.

($39 or $19/month For All Tools)

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is your quickest and most instinctive visual editor for WordPress. Easily create drag-and-drop designs, add buttons and innovative content components and even more…


Thrive Themes (Pros and Cons)

Thrive Themes is one of the most advanced, yet easy-to-use suite of site building tools.

Thrive Themes offers WordPress themes and plugins, in addition to a no-code drag-and-drop editor which allows you to build unique websites in spite of no technical skills.


Conversion Focus: There are very few sellers in the marketplace who have such a vast portfolio of tools focused on optimization, marketing, and lead generation.

Countless Page Templates: You can choose from nearly 300 templates to assist you get started creating web pages immediately.

Simple to use: Thrive Themes has a very intuitive user interface. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to create pages — even for newbies.

Good 3rd-Party Integrations: You can easily integrate with tons of other marketing tools and services, such as platforms, plugins, etc..

Fully Responsive: The Thrive Themes page builder and templates are 100% responsive.

Perfect for WordPress: The WordPress plugins and themes work flawlessly for WordPress sites and are optimized for the WordPress platform.


Enormous Amount of Products: The sheer number of tools provided by Thrive Themes can prove overwhelming for beginners.

Learning Curve: exactly like any new platform out there, Thrive Themes package of products all have their particular learning curve. I really do think the platforms are intuitive, but it takes time and patience to master them.

Only Works With WordPress: There’s no version of Thrive Themes which works with Drupal, Joomla, or any other site platform.

Support Response Time: It is not that the support for Thrive Themes is bad, it is really very good. But sometimes it takes hours to get a response that’s frustrating when you are in the midst of doing something.

Final Thoughts of Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a store of the best conversion optimized WordPress plugins. Along with the soon to arrive Thrive Theme builder sounds great also.

As there are no themes available in Thrive themes lately, it’s still possible to access their smart plugins. These plugins can actually assist you in making your website more effective and rewarding.

The Thrive architect is also a great option for drag and drop content construction for marketers and business owners. The Thrive landing pages plugin can actually help you create converting and tricky sales pages, sign up/opt-in webpages for your site.

Together with the goods as efficient and sharp like that, you are making no mistake if you decide to buy from multi-colored themes.

I can complete this Thrive Topics review together with the verdict that their goods and Thrive Themes conversion focused plugins are for everyone who wants to do more than simply launch content by using their site.